10 Adorable and Amazing Examples of Baby Photography

Photo by  Alicia Bradish  on  Facebook

Baby Photographers Skills and Gear

Baby photography has become a booming niche for photographers with tons of props, outfits, and more types of gear for photographers to take advantage of while providing excellent services to their clients. While these accessories are great and can be extremely useful, the photographer is the most important part of the equation. It is the photographer’s combined experience, forethought, and meticulous planning that creates an amazing baby photo shoot.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, just Take Pictures

While there are distinct variances between newborns and older babies, all age groups share one common attribute, they are completely unpredictable. Even the calmest newborn can have a tantrum filled day or they could just want to move around and play. Who knows, am I right? That’s is OK though! Use it, the important thing is to try to be patient, and have fun. Maybe you won’t get the shot you are looking for, but you might find a calm moment during the storm that is more precious than anything.

Now instead of talking about photography, lets bask in the glory of some excellent shots I’ve found, and you can look to for inspiration.

One of those moment I mentioned. He’s yawning, but he is adorable, take advantage of their personality.

Photo by Minnie Zhou on Unsplash

Don’t let that mouthful of baby cuteness go to waste.

We all know we envy this child! Don’t be afraid to go for an out there theme.

Play with location, and draw inspiration from some of your favorite movies if you like. Doesn’t this remind you of some of those early 1900’s Coney Island images?

Get dad involved, after all he is an important factor in the child’s life, and will want memories like this captured. No matter how much he hates having his picture taken!

Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

A baby’s tiny feet can produce a wonderful newborn photo, so don’t always just shoot for a good smile.

Make it a family affair, you’ll want everyone in these pictures as much as possible, plus they are adorable!

Ok, so I have shown you what other talented photographers can do, but here are three of my faves from some of my latest baby photography photo shoots. I do love Newborn photography!

You can always make a nice scene such as this one with some of that gear we are talking about!

Photo by  Alicia Bradish  on  Facebook

Maybe even use some of the child’s ancestor’s heritage in the shoot.

Baskets and flowers can always be a good solid go to for baby photography.

So now that you have seen some excellent examples of baby photography, I just want to say thanks to the photographers work that I found on Unsplash. They really are amazing photos, and that Alicia Bradish, knows what she is doing as well right?

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